BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
We here at JB Food’s are proud to say that we have achieved BRC accreditation.


But what exactly is it and why is it important?

In 2006 the BRC introduced the Global Standard for Storage and Distribution to complement the suite of Global Standards covering the production of food, packaging and consumer products.

This Standard is designed to reflect best practice and facilitate a process of continuous improvement through well-designed risk-based product safety management systems. The objective is to ensure that the quality and safety of products are maintained during their storage and distribution and where subject to other activities such as contracted services, and that customer confidence is upheld through audit and certification.


Improved confidence among retailers and buyers in the safety, quality, and legality of the product
Increased product safety and less risk of product liability
Safe and efficient process flows in the interest of food safety, in order to quickly identify and control risks with respect to hygiene, quality, and health hazards for consumers, and to specify effective preventive measures

Access to the British food market​ - What it means to JB

More and more of our customers require us to be accredited to a food safety standard ensuring quality control measures are in place and are workable…… Having this accreditation gives our customers confidence in our operations, whilst enabling us to tender for group accounts.  Furthermore it demonstrates our due diligence with our suppliers ensuring those who supply us also have such measures in place. We conduct food safety training to relevant employees ensuring they are equipped to comply with both our procedures and legislation.