Logistics Director

Gary Black – Operations Manager


What is your job?

I am the Operations Manager Responsible for all the logistics that keep our service levels to the high standards we have set ourselves. With a fleet of over 50 vehicles, I manage everything from the drivers through to the successful delivery. Our “going the extra mile” mentality is what sets us apart and we pride ourselves on stepping apart from the competition in that respect.

Tell us about yourself...

I started here at JB when I was just 16 working in the stores since then I have held many roles including sales director and have spent the last five years in this role here. JB was my first and only job and I have grown professionally alongside this family business all my working life.

In my own time, I am a qualified Scuba Diver an can often be found exploring the icy waters of Scotland and even further afield. With my favourite diving spot being the famous world war one German ship graveyard of the Scapa Flow in Orkney. Often enjoying my free time alongside my wife and 3 sons.

The best part of my day is?

Usually between 4 pm and 5 pm as I watch 25 empty vans make their way back into the depo. A perfect symbol of a successful day.

What is the most exciting thing about JB just now?

There is a constant focus on the ever-changing nature of the business and industry and the most exciting part of this is that the customers and staff are at the heart of it.