Social Bite's Sleep In The Park: Update

Last year we had the distinct pleasure of supporting Social bite in their endeavours to eradicate homelessness in Scotland by raising money through sponsorship and taking part in the Sleep in the Park event.



On the night (the coldest of the year) our team were on site to offer free hot drinks to all of the 9000 + taking part.  Manning four stations across the event and keeping spirits high while lines of people filed in with hot water bottles in hand and thermos flasks filled with soup, ready to face the hardship of a night in the cold.

The JB Foods team were ecstatic to be involved, with over 14 employees offering their free time to raise an incredible £3,270 (to date) for the cause as well as donating enough supplies for 11,000 cups of tea, 11,600 cups of coffee and 400 Bacon Rolls.

“Truly inspirational best describes how I found being part of an incredible event that will have a huge bearing on changing the lives of so many less fortunate than ourselves!” Said Alastair Watson, a Sales manager who braved the -5* cold overnight. “It was so humbling to hear first-hand about the experiences of being homeless and the tremendous work that Josh and the Social Bite team have done and continue to do in turning so many lives around.”


Joining Alastair in his praise for the event was telesales guru Murray Hamilton who said “What a night! Firstly I didn’t get a chance to get cold because I must have walked a million miles back and forth to the only tap that hadn’t frozen over to fill large water jugs up so that we could keep the teas and coffees coming for the people who were being sponsored to sleep out in the park. Seeing everyone doing their bit to raise money for the homeless was eye-opening and humbling...It’s 2018, homelessness should not be a thing”.

Company Directors Lee and Charlotte could not be more proud of their team:

“We were delighted to play a small part in the success of the event and thoroughly enjoyed it, even being out in the sub-zero temperature, I can honestly say that we were all too busy to feel cold. The turnout on the night was remarkable and exemplified the generosity and human kindness of so many to what is such a worthwhile cause – here’s to the next Sleep in The Park!”