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Extensive knowledge & attention to detail 

We specialise in Scotch and UK Assured beef with full traceability & recognise the importance of provenance and local heritage. If you require specific information on origin please ask.

Our range includes beef, lamb, pork, game and exquisite traditionally made sausages and burgers. We also prepare tailor made recipes in order to fit with our customers exacting requirements.

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Our animals come from farms with the highest standards of animal husbandry in practice, this improves the flavour and tenderness of our meat. We have strict criteria regarding age, weight and conformation and only pick the best, never compromising on quality. Complete traceability is offered on every product we sell.


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All of our beef is matured for a minimum of 28 days in our moisture controlled air dry room where the conditions are strictly controlled. The results of this are well worth the wait in relation to tenderness, depth of flavour and superior quality.


Colour & Marbling

Our beef has a deep red colour, characteristic of its time spent ageing and indicating a superior quality. This maturing process also helps with the creamy white flecks of “marbling” throughout. This is essential for fabulous flavour and texture, ensuring that our beef is tender and juicy.


Our meat is cut to the highest standards by our team of expert butchers, they leave just enough fat to give you the best flavour and texture without compromising on quality. Our customers can speak directly to our butchers at any time to discuss a specific specification or query.

— Paul Craddock, Head of Craft Butchery

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