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JB Foods Launches Directory With a Twist in Industry First

Our directory for 2019/20 was available to see and smell when it arrived with customers this month thanks to a chocolate scented, Tunnock’s tea cake front cover.

We are proud to have taken our desire to inspire customers and chefs to an innovative new level with our latest product guide. The scented directory, a first in the foodservice industry, contains over 300 new lines and was officially launched to JB Foods employees at Edinburgh’s New Town Cookery School with a bake-off style challenge to get everyone involved.

Charlotte Thompson, Commercial Director at JB Foods, said:

“The launch of the new directory has been a huge success and we are extremely proud of what the team has created. We want to be leaders in creativity within the foodservice industry and are using our annual product guide to showcase this. We’ve already received some fantastic feedback from our customers and our sales team have had a lot fun encouraging them to try and guess what is unique about this year’s product guide. I think it makes our brand really stand out and is a great way to inspire existing and potential customers.”

Our launch day was inspired by the front cover, which, alongside the tea cake, features a Scottish themed cheesecake topped with some of the country’s most famous products by Tunnock’s, Mrs Tilly’s and Paterson Arran.

#TeamJB took part in a bake-off style competition and were challenged to come up with a range of sweet treats using ingredients that JB Foods supplied to the cookery school. The wide variety of ingredients saw our teams create a number of desserts including Nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookies, ginger and lime cheesecake chocolate cups, chocolate and orange trifle cups, raspberry and dark chocolate filled sweet party and a variety of sweet mini scones.

Charlotte added:

“Launching this year’s directory at the cookery school was the perfect way for our team members to get to know the products further. The familiarity and knowledge we can take from these events can then be passed on to our customers and allows us to provide the best possible service.”

The day was supported by a number of JB Foods suppliers including Mrs Tilly’s, Tunnock’s, HB ingredients, Pidy, Lakeland Dairies, CSM, Ferrero and Heygates.

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