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BRAW Bars - The Delicious Scottish Snack Bar!

BRAW bars are the perfect way to spruce up your grab and go selection, and they are now stocked at JB Foods! The indulgent bars come in two classic flavours – Salted Caramel and Bakewell – so they’re sure to be a hit. Chunky and indulgent, these bars are packed with fibre and full of the goodness of oats and barley.

Busy lives leave consumers without much time to prepare a healthy snack – not to mention the active lot. Golfers, rugby players, and hikers all need those long-lasting energy boosts throughout the day, so BRAW bars are here to fill that gap! BRAW bars are packed with natural ingredients that taste delicious, with honey coated barley flakes to deliver a satisfying crunch. These bars are perfect for golf clubs, sport centres, tourist attractions (spot the Scottish packaging!), hotels, and vending machines.

Stock BRAW Bars and have your customers saying #THATSBRAW

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