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Daydreaming about Dough Balls

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Delicious? Check. Versatile? Check. Value for money? Check. Kara's Dough Balls tick all of our boxes.

Flexibility has never been more important. As businesses reopen and navigate the 'new normal', their ability to adapt and react quickly to customer demand is more crucial than ever before. That's why we're choosing to shout about versatile products that give you more and make life easier.

We cannot get enough of Kara's dough balls (86103).  Getting creative in the kitchen has never been easier. Sweet or savoury? You choose! Our recipe videos are sure to provide you with some inspiration. Join us in transforming our dough balls into pizza, garlic bread, cinnamon twists and more.

_ insert link to dough balls recipe videos _

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