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Opening Up Inspiration

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

We know that many of our customers are yet to reopen, so we've compiled a few tips and insights that we think might help.

Many of our customers have opted to reopen with simplified menus to cater to new social distancing requirements in kitchens and to minimise cross contamination of ingredients.

We've noticed an increasing desire for menu staples and home comforts, with many of our customers going back to basics. Our J.Browns Craft Butchers has experienced particularly high demand as our customers seek out high quality at good value. In 2019, 3 of our top selling 20 lines were from our craft butchery - this year that number has increased to 8, with burgers and steaks proving most popular.

This August J.Browns steak sales were up by 73% on ugust last year. Similarly, sales of our J.Browns Angus Thin 6oz Burger (19762) are up by more than 30%.

Helping you follow guidance

We've compiled a list of products that will help you stick to the new rules with ease.

  • Condiment sachets - we stock everything from Ketchup (56293) to Tartare sauce (97614) and much more

  • Salt (29908) and pepper (64207) sachets

  • White (51430) and brown (60556) sugar sticks

  • Sweetener sachets (33735)

  • Vegware recyclable packaging

  • 3-in-1 Meal Kit (knife, fork, napkin) (73556)

  • Individually wrapped products, such as:

- Mrs Tilly's Tablet (99567) and Fudge (90757)

- The Handmade Cake Company's GF Caramel Shortcake (12189), GF Chocolate Brownie (30691) and GF Raspberry and Almond Slice (53534)

- Keemac's Big Crispy Cake (63490), Empire Biscuits (10268), Malteser Honeycomb Slice

(35303), Millionaire Slice (15108), Rocky Road (80331), Tiffin Slice (23551), White

Millionaire Slice (58225), Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Slice (56321), Peppermint Slice

(79304), Tiffin Slice (97159)

As always, if you require any assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch. Simply call 0131 448 2888 to speak to one of our Customer Advisors or feel free to use the chat function on this website.

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