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Small Plate Dining with Scheff Foods

The rise of small plate dining shows no signs of stopping. As people continue to crave richer and more meaninful experiences, sharing small plates amongst friends remains a sociable favourite. Scheff offer a delicious range of products that are perfect for sharing platters and small plate dining. Easy to make and utterly delicious, use their products to create exciting dishes that will continue to entice customers.


• Chinese Style Duck bon bon (52648)

• Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce (91620)

• Feta & Spinach Samosa (27067)

• Falafel (70074)

• Silver & Green Pitted Halkidiki Olives (18339)

• Humous (65808)

• CSBC Soured cream (66850)

• Medium Hot & Chunky Salsa Picante (75365)

• Fresh Cucumber, Radishes and Tomatoes

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